The History...

There are various stories about the start of the Coral Beach Club including one that it was once the unofficial headquarters of the ‘Philippines Flying Boat Club’ in the years immediately after WWII but the real Club was founded some time in the 1980’s by a German couple, Helga and Helmut Kilinger.

During the early years, the Club became popular with a group of expat businessmen mostly based in Manila who would come down at the weekends to play golf during the day and then relax in the Club in the evenings.

In 1993, a consortium of these guests banded together under the leadership of John Sinclair and bought the Club. At that time, it only had 6 rooms/cottages and a small Clubhouse. Over the course of the next 20 years, the three accommodation blocks were added, along with the pool & jacuzzi and the Clubhouse was extended to its current size.

All the new rooms were named after golf courses in the Philippines or abroad or famous golfers in tribute to the major part that the game played in the evolution of the Club.

...and Today

The Coral Beach Club now has 24 large & comfortable rooms, all maintained to a high standard, a recently refurbished swimming pool and a bar-restaurant & garden area that can easily accommodate up to 100 guests.

We offer a truly cosmopolitan & international range of eating options and an enviable selection of beers & ciders (12 at the last count), more than 40 wines from around the world and a comprehensive selection of major spirits brands, all very reasonably priced.

The Coral Beach Club has maintained its strong ties with its ‘sister’ club, the Calatagan Golf Club (just 15 minutes drive away), and many guests stay here & play there whilst taking advantage of the preferential rates provided as one of the benefits of being a guest of the Coral Beach Club.

Mi casa, su casa...

…..this old Spanish saying ‘our house is your house’ neatly sums up the philosophy of the Coral Beach Club with the inclusion of the word Club in our name reflecting the ambience we work hard to create where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy their stay at the ‘Relaxation Resort’. Our 30+ fulltime staff, under the supervision of our expat GM, Hamish aka ‘Big H’, are trained to ensure you have the best time possible… we like to say at Coral ‘If you had a good time, tell your friends, family and colleagues and if you didn’t, then please tell us'.

And the future?

We are always looking for ways to improve our facilities and boost the enjoyment of our guests and so will soon be adding a small conference/function space and redeveloping our Spa, Salon & Resort Store. We continue to add & experiment with our menu & drinks selection (try our weekly specials and cocktails of the week!) and are always open to suggestions. And we are constantly on the lookout for new appealing activities for our guests such as the forthcoming Calatagan Waterpark under construction just 5 minutes from the Coral Beach Club.

Our Green Commitment

One continuing project that really excites us is our continuing commitment to protecting the environment and managing the resort on a fully sustainable basis. We were awarded our Environmental Compliance Certificate by the Department of Environment & Natural Resources in January 2017, one of the very first to receive this statutory requirement in Batangas, and work hard to ensure that we reduce any and all of our impacts on the surrounding area through waste management, material recovery & reuse/recycling, energy & water conservation and ‘greenification’ works. Please ask for more details when you visit us.


Welcome to the Club!